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Outlook for Mac is the MS Outlook equivalent for the Mac environment. It works like MS Outlook, though it saves its data in OLM format which is completely different form the PST format used by MS Outlook.

For Outlook for Mac users, it is easy to import a PST file into their application. But it is difficult for them to export their Outlook for Mac emails to PST format so that they can be accessed in MS Outlook in Windows environment. We will discuss how Outlook for Mac users can import PST file and export OLM files to PST format.


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To export healthy or corrupt Outlook for Mac emails (OLM files) to PST, try Kernel for OLM to PST Converter Tool.

How to Import a PST file to Outlook for Mac?

For transferring messages and other items from a Windows Outlook to Mac Outlook, users can use the import feature of Outlook for Mac. The steps of this process are discussed below (which apply to Outlook for Mac 2011):

  1. Transfer the PST file to your Macintosh system.
  2. On the Outlook for Mac File menu, select Import.
  3. Select Outlook Data File, and then click the right arrow.
  4. Select Outlook for Windows Data File, and then click the right arrow.
    Import Windows Outlook file to Mac Outlook
  5. Locate the data file on your computer, and then select Import.
  6. Once the import process is complete, select Done. The imported items will appear in the navigation pane listed under On My Computer.

How to Export OLM files to PST?

At times when a user needs to access the Mac Outlook data in Windows Outlook, then the OLM files require to be converted to PST format. There is a free way to convert OLM to PST file, but the process may be a bit lengthy. The method is given below:

  1. Begin by creating an IMAP Account
  2. Setup the IMAP account in Outlook for Mac as well as Outlook.
  3. Move Outlook for Mac emails to IMAP Mailbox
  4. Then, move the data from IMAP Mailbox to Windows Outlook

Export OLM files to PST More Easily

The manual process that you have just seen is quite lengthy and time-consuming. It is not a direct method too. So, it is not easy to access OLM files in MS Outlook. For an easy way out, Outlook users can try a third-party OLM to PST converter tool like Kernel for OLM to PST. In comparison to the manual method, the conversion is less time-consuming and easy while using this tool.

Let us learn how to use Kernel OLM to PST Converter to export OLM files to PST files in a swift manner.

Step 1: Launch Kernel for OLM to PST Converter software. In the opened interface, select Single or Multiple File(s) option to convert. Click the Browse button.

Step 2: Add the OLM file from its location.

Note: You can click Search to search files on a system drive.

Step 3: After adding the required OLM file for conversion, click Next.

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Step 4: The Process Information window will appear. Click Finish.

Step 5: The OLM file mailbox items will get listed. Select the required file folder from left panel. Select the item from the list on the right panel to view its preview.

Step 6: In the next step, select the output type as PST file (MS Outlook) and click Next.

Step 7: Apply the filters provided as per your requirement on different criteria – From, To, Subject, Folder Name, Item Type, Date Range, etc.

Step 8: In Manage Recovered PST dialogue box, you can apply filters like split PST file or attach a prefix to store name. Once done, click Next.

Step 9: Now provide the destination path to save this converted PST file. Select this option if you want and click Finish.

Step 10: Finally, it will show the successful migration dialogue box after migration is completed.

Step 11: Using Find option on the toolbar, you can search OLM files on the basis of From, To, Subject, Date Range, Attachments, etc. criteria.

Hence, you experienced the migration from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for PST in the simplest way.

Accessing Outlook for Mac data in MS Outlook when it Uses Exchange Account

When the Outlook for Mac is a client of Exchange, its data is available on Exchange Server too. MS Outlook can be configured to connect to this mailbox from Windows environment. In that case, Outlook users can access the Outlook for Mac data directly.

Watch Video to Know Complete Process of OLM to PST Conversion

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