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The standard viewer for Second Life is called the Second Life Viewer, and the. Singularity used to be the best but it doesn't handle mesh particularly well,. What is an alternate viewer? The primary viewer for Second Life is the official Second Life Viewer, available on the main Second Life Downloads page. The viewers below provide early access to fixes and newer features, but may also entail some additional risk of new bugs; we appreciate your help with our efforts to improve Second Life by using them and reporting any problems you find.

Although OpenSimulator encourages the development of third party software for OpenSimulator, no support can be provided on this. For help with this software, contact the developer of this software directly.
Please do not contact the OpenSimulator team with questions about this software.

If you find a viewer which can connect to OpenSimulator then please add it to the bottom of the appropriate list.

Xtf 3.0 for mac Apple reserves the right to refuse or limit the quantity of any device for any reason.

Compatibility issues

Since OpenSimulator and viewers development is done by diferent teams with diferent timing and even goals, compatibility can not be assured.
To connect to a older version of OpenSimulator, you may need to use a older version of your favority viewer. Consult your grid team, or the viewer team
This may also limit Hypergrid capability.

  • Alchemy Viewer - v3 based TPV.
  • Cool VL Viewer - the oldest of all actively maintained Third Party Viewers (former name: Cool SL Viewer).
  • FireStorm Viewer - v3 based TPV, the successor to Phoenix. The most widely used viewer on Second Life.
  • Kokua - v3 based successor of Imprudence.
  • Radegast Metaverse Client - Radegast-ng is Light client, evolution of Radagast from libopenmetaverae project.
  • Singularity - A Snowglobe-based viewer with many current features backported.
  • Dayturn - A OpenSim compatible viewer derived from Kokua.
  • Scenegate - A viewer with a focus on accessibility, and onboarding. With a simplified UI more suitable to just visit worlds, rather than building (but the full UI is still accessible). Derived from Alchemy Viewer

Singularity Nightly Builds


These are lightweight viewers, which either do not offer a graphical component or where the graphical component is not used by deault. The function of these viewers however is to connect to a grid, chat, manage inventory, etc. Useful on systems with low specifications or for bringing an alt online without having your main avatar log out, or to quickly take care of messages, inventory, etc.

  • JOpenMetaverse Purely Java based OpenSim client core library. Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android Compatible. Please see jopenmetaverse introduction
  • METAbolt - METAbolt is a non-graphical (text based) viewer. It's light weight and cross grid, which means it will work in Second Lifeā„¢ as well as other grids that are based on OpenSIM. The viewer is Open Source so it's free. Currently METAbolt is only available for Windows platforms.
  • Mobile Grid Client - A Second Life and OpenSim (Open Simulator) messaging client for your Android powered device (mobile phone, cell phone, tablet..).
  • RealXtend - a fork of the 1.23 Linden Client that has specialized features (not fully supported.)
  • Xenki, an XBAP 3D application intended to be a browser add-on for OpenSimulator.
  • Looking Glass viewer, Discontinued. Only OSGrid, ScienceSim and localhost are available from the list.
  • Imprudence Innovative viewer with a high focus on OpenSimulator.
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