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PART 03: CREATING THE FLYER'S BACK SIDE. In order to create the backside of our flyers, you can create a separate Microsoft Word file, or simply add a page to the same file, and follow the steps that we outlined above. In this case we will just create a new file for the backside. Most Pages templates are created for documents with standard paper sizes, but you can change a document's paper size at any time. You can also change its.

Microsoft provides Microsoft Office users with a wide variety of tools for creating brochure templates. In Word 2010 and Word 2007, you create brochure templates from new documents or from pre-designed templates that you modify. As creating a brochure template is simply a matter of changing a document’s page layout and basic formatting via the ribbon in Word, you can usually make a horizontal or vertical oriented half-fold brochure template to use for future projects in under a half hour.

Select Document


Click the “File” tab in Word 2010 or the “Office” button in Word 2007.


Select “New” to open the New Document window and select “Blank Document.” To use a predesigned template, select “Brochures and Booklets” in Word 2010, or “Brochures” in Word 2007, wait for the available templates to appear and select one.


Download df wei bei 1 bgb font for mac os. Click “Create” to open the blank or predesigned document template.


Highlight or select with your cursor any items you don’t want such as graphics if you’re starting with a predesigned template. Click the 'Delete' key on your computer keyboard to remove the items from the document.

Page Layout


Select “Orientation” in the Page Setup section. Select “Portrait” to make a horizontal fold brochure or “Landscape” for a vertical fold brochure.


Click “Size” in the Page Setup section and select the 8 ½-inch by 11-inch “Letter” size. If you’re creating a brochure using smaller or larger paper, select the size you need.


Select “Columns” and then “More Columns…” to open the Columns window. Select the number of columns you want in the Presets area.


Customize the width and spacing of the columns or keep the defaults. When you’re finished, confirm that “Whole Document” appears to the right of “Apply To:” and then click the “OK” button.


Click “Margins” and select one of the available preset margin options such as “Normal” or “Narrow” that sets the top, bottom and side margins to an equal size. If you want to customize the margins, select “Custom Margins…” to open the Page Setup window and make changes as desired. When you're finished, confirm that “Whole Document” appears to the right of “Apply To” and click “OK” to save the setting.


Select “Breaks” in the Page Setup section and then “Column” to create a break between the columns. The cursor will automatically move to the next column.


Create one or more breaks depending on the number of columns in your document. For example, on a two-column vertical-fold brochure, select “Column” again to create another break after the second column and create a second template page to use for the inside of the brochure.

Save Template


Click the “File” tab or “Office” button and select “Save As.”


Select “Templates” or “Trusted Templates' in the Save As window that appears.


Enter a name for the template in the “File Name:” field and select “Word Template” on the “Save As Type:” menu. When you’re finished, click “Save” to save your brochure document in Word as a template.


Check that you can access the template. Click the “File” tab or “Office” button, select “New” and then click “My Templates” to see your brochure template appear by name with other templates you’ve previously created.


  • Always select “Templates” or “Trusted Templates” before you save your template to make certain that the new brochure template appears in the “My Templates…” area when you’re ready to create a brochure.

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