Select the download link beside Mac OSX 64/32-bit Universal (for Intel, Snow Leopard/10.6 or later), I'm using version Part way through. Skanect leverages consumer-grade 3D cameras like the Structure Sensor, Structure Core, Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion, limiting the hardware cost to a fraction of previous 3D scanning solutions. For a personal and hobbyist use, you can even download a free version of Skanect!

This repository is for for using the Microsoft Kinect sensor with Processing. It uses the open source drivers from the libfreenect and libfreenect2 projects.

Documentation and tutorial

For more, read this online tutorial or check out the javadocs.

Kinect v1 Requirements

  • Kinect v1 (supported versions??)
  • Kinect v1 power adapter


Requirements?sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev



  • Use Zadig to install the libusbK driver for each device you wish to use. This includes installing the libusbK for all the kinect v1 drivers listed on Zadig GUI.
  • If you got the error message 'Isochronous transfer error: 1', you should try downgrade the libusbK using Older Zadig Version

Kinect v2 Requirements

  • USB 3.0 Host Controller (NEC Corporation USB 3.0, Intel Chipset)
  • Minimum Mac OS X 10.9
  • Windows 8 64 bit support
  • Kinect v2

Kinect v2 additional software

  • For Windows 8, Follow the the installation of the libusk driver.
    • First install the Kinect v2 Windows SDK then change the USB 3.0 drivers properties to libusbK using Zadig.
  • No longer need to external install Turbo Jpeg for Mac.

This page has the download links for each version of the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK. The installer provides all of the needed files to develop for the Azure Kinect.

Azure Kinect Sensor SDK contents

  • Headers and libraries to build an application using the Azure Kinect DK.
  • Redistributable DLLs needed by applications using the Azure Kinect DK.
  • The Azure Kinect Viewer.
  • The Azure Kinect Recorder.
  • The Azure Kinect Firmware Tool.

Windows download link

Microsoft installer GitHub source code


When installing the SDK, remember the path you install to. For example, 'C:Program FilesAzure Kinect SDK 1.2'. You will find the tools referenced in articles in this path.

You can find previous versions of Azure Kinect Sensor SDK and Firmware on GitHub.

Linux installation instructions

Currently, the only supported distribution is Ubuntu 18.04. To request support for other distributions, see this page.

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First, you'll need to configure Microsoft's Package Repository, following the instructions here.

Now, you can install the necessary packages. The k4a-tools package includes the Azure Kinect Viewer, the Azure Kinect Recorder, and the Azure Kinect Firmware Tool. To install it, run

sudo apt install k4a-tools

Inventory management software free download full version with crack. The libk4a<major>.<minor>-dev package contains the headers and CMake files to build against libk4a.The libk4a<major>.<minor> package contains the shared objects needed to run executables that depend on libk4a.

The basic tutorials require the libk4a<major>.<minor>-dev package. To install it, run

sudo apt install libk4a1.1-dev

If the command succeeds, the SDK is ready for use.

Change log and older versions

You can find the change log for the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK here.

If you need an older version of the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK, find it here.

Next steps