Dec 29, 2018  A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a 12-character unique identifier assigned to a specific piece of hardware such as the network adapter of your WiFi device. In simple words, a MAC address can be used to uniquely identify your.

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Sharing is caring, but when it comes to your WiFi, you want to be in control of who you share it with. If you share your password with too many friends, you will notice how slow your Internet speed will get, and that’s if you count the people you allow to connect.

If someone manages to hack your WiFi signal and connect to your network, your Internet speed will suffer even more. The following tips will help you to know who has access to your WiFi network and how to kick them out if needed.

How to Tell If Your WiFi Network Has Been Hacked

Your Internet connection usually works at its best and is rarely slow, but it just hasn’t been the same the past couple of days. It’s slower than usual, but you haven’t added any other devices to justify the slowness. A slow Internet connection is usually the first sign that someone is stealing your WiFi, but is that what has happened in this case?

It’s not unusual for you to lose your WiFi signal, but this isn’t something that should happen regularly. If it’s happening frequently, someone is definitely using your WiFi without your permission. Another sign that someone is stealing your WiFi would be flashing lights on your router when you are not using any of your devices.

But, if you want to make sure if this is the case, the best thing you can do is install an Android app called Fing. The app is easy to use, and it will give you a list of all the devices that are connected to your WiFi network. You will also see which devices are currently online.

Select the arrow to the right of the suspicious device, and you can add information such as a name, additional notes, or where this device is located (if you have that kind of information).

How to Prevent Unauthorized WiFi Access to Your Network

It’s not uncommon for your guests to ask you for permission to access your WiFi network. Since you want to be a good host, you may give them your password, but in time, forget you ever gave it to them. It just takes them being within a certain distance from your WiFi signal to be able to connect.

Remember whatever illegal activity they may be doing will be traced back to you. By simply changing your password, you will prevent any unauthorized devices from connecting to your network.

Another way you can block someone from access your network would be to prevent them by using the devices MAC address, the number that identifies the device. The device’s MAC address can be found in the Fing app you installed earlier. Select the device you want to block and swipe down to locate the MAC address.

You can do this by using the computer that is connected to your router and type the router’s IP address to your browser’s address bar. There are router’s that use the default IP addresses such as,,, or

If none of these default IP addresses worked, it only takes a few steps to find it in your computer’s settings. Go to your computer’s search bar and type Control Center. Click on Network and Internet, followed by Network and Sharing Center.

On the left side of the window, click on Change adapter settings and click on the WiFi network the intruder is using. When the WiFi Status box appears, click on the Details box.

In the next window, your router’s IP address will be listed to the side of IPv4 Address. Type that IP in your browsers address bar to access your router’s settings. You will see an option such as Next that will require that you enter your router’s login data.

Once you’re in, locate the security options. If you can’t find it, try looking for it in Advanced Settings. The location of the setting will vary depending on the router you have.

Once you’ve found the Security setting, locate and click on MAC filtering, followed by Add Device. Add the MAC address of the unauthorized device. To save your changes, click Save or a similar option. You’ll finally get some good shut-eye tonight knowing that no unauthorized devices are connected to your WiFi network.


Always be careful who you allow accessing your WiFi network since you can’t always keep an eye on what they are doing. How many intruders did you find? Share your experience with me in the comments section.

Think about hacking Wi-Fi Password tricks or method of hacking wifi network ?Hacking Wi-Fi network means access of complete network control and Open Wi-FI. So the best WIFI hacker in the world is here. Wireless users connect all phones and tablets via their home network. Every person can see the WIFI networks in the locality and want to use them free of charge. However, most of these networks have a password. To access the network, it is require making out with safety key.

Own network is down and want to connect to zone networks?

In general, people explore for WIFi password cracking tools to access unauthorized wireless networks. In this article, all details about wireless and best tools for cracking WIFI Password or recovery of wireless passwords are discussed.

Here it is explained best method for wireless network encryption is used and how these tools can break the networks in order to gain access. We’ll also see tools for monitoring networks for users and also the best hacking app in the world.

Best Worldwide WIFI Hacker techniques.

Hacker perform wireless WIFI hacking using Kali Linux operating system

Kali has all preinstalled tools necessary in wireless hacking. The best software for cracking a wireless network i.e. aircrack ng. Kali Linux for WIFI hacking is frequent among developers.

Only Linux will work with new tools such as Fluxion. Certainly for Windows OS and Android WIFI hacking software is available but cannot be compared it to Kali. It is best option to use Kali Linux for WIFI hacking.

There are mainly five types of WIFI security available.
1. WEP Security
2. WPA Security OR WPA2 Security
3. MAC ADDRESS Filtering
4. HIDDEN Network
5. WPA2 (WPS available)
6. OPEN Network (without password)

Hack android on same wifi

Router Hacking
The hacking of the Router is to control the entire Wi-Fi. All routers have the default username and password. In the world of today, there is more than 90% of the router’ uses the default password. A hacker uses the brute force, word list attack, Middle attack, or Key logger to hack the router when the password has changed. It is easy to hack Wifi password by Hacking Router.

Best Techniques to Hack WIFI network in worldwide.
It doesn’t matter which Linux distribution user use, only one tool is required to hack WIFI. So here is WIFI hacking with Kali Linux.
It is mandatory to purchase a wireless adapter when using Kali on the virtual box. WEP is the Weak algorithm, but the WPA algorithm is strong.

However, the following best techniques for WIFI hacking.

Word List Attack
Fluxion. (Best way)

Word List Attack:
Word List Attack is the most common way of hacking WPA.
A wordlist or Dictionary is created by the hacker with the help software like ‘Crunch’. It is only required to give some instructions on how to create a word list like words of max length, minimum length etc.

Users require best WIFI hacking software around world that uses words as a password when creating the wordlist. Aircrack is the most used Hacking Wi-Fi application.

It is easy to hack all type of WIFI network.

Fluxion attack:

Fluxion’s main advantage is that no wordlist is used or brute force assault to break the key. Fluxion creates the target network’s Open Twin Ap. When user enters the key, fluxion collects the key and provides with it.

When the user enters the accurate password his connection launch again.
If the user enters the wrong password then he/she will not able to use the WIFI network until he did not use the correct password. It is one of the best methods for WIFI hacker in the world.

Best method of hacking WIFI with Android globally.

User can easily hack WIFI with android?
The problem with android is that the wireless card does not support the monitor mode. Wireless internet hacking is very important in monitor mode. WPA can me hacked with monitor mode. It is easy hacking WIFI with android application.

How Hackers Hack Wifi password?

We have explained how WIFI hacker in the world hack passwords.
WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy.

Cracking WI-FI password is very easy. It takes 20 – 30 minutes and user can crack.
Anyone can hack using the WEP hacking. If user captures an initialization vector, then can crack the WEP password across the whole network.

Not only WEP with an Aircrack, but other wireless passwords like WPA or WPA2A can be hacked. Window and Linux can be also used for Aircrack.

IPad, iOS & IPhone WiFi Password Hacker app:

There is plenty of WiFi Password Hacker App for an IPhone user.
Many applications have security issues and viruses, while others are simply false applications or namesake applications. The market also includes Android WiFi hacking apps, but it’s much more difficult to hack WiFi using an iPhone or any other IOS.

Many applications are commonly used for hacking and customization in I OS devices, including the Cydia tweak. User need to jailbreak for IOS device to use hacking tools.
It is almost completely impossible to use hacking software on device without jail breaking. Apple does not allow people to personalize their device, or have deal of adaptation before; so many people choose to jail breaking their iOS to customize their device.

Aircrackng– This application makes it easy for the user to hack any wireless network in any device line. To use this IOS devices must be jail breaking.

Speedtouch– It is required to download rainbow file to user iOS device after installing this Speedtouch application, which allows anyone to easily hack any Wi-Fi connections through device.
The rainbow file contains all the predetermined router passwords that user can easily hack with this Speedtouch application.

iWep Pro-
IWep pro is a very easy to use app, and one of the best applications to hack WIFI for iPhone users. This application’s user interface is very simple and users can easily understand it. No programming skills or technical skills are required to break out of wireless passwords with this particular application.

How to hack WIFI in the window?

he good news is that there are no commands need to run. GUI (Graphical user interface) is its interface and can hack WIFI for PC.

The bad news is that 4-9 hours are required to hack WIFI for windows. It can be used on any Windows version.

Apps for Hacking wifi network Without Root:

Wireless Internet is not the science of rockets.
In this article, we will let you to know, how to use some of the best applications to hack WiFi without root. Begin by getting used to these root-free WiFi hackers.

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester
User should definitely begin with this tool if like to know how to hack Wifi password without root. Originally, the application has been designed to know whether a point of access is vulnerable or not. With time, developers began adding features to even hack a WiFi network by their users.

This Wifi hacker without root offers the option of retrieving the password for devices with and without the root of the selected network. It simply display the network password user want to connect to after implementing its algorithm.

User can connect almost any router that has enabled the WPS protocol with this powerful application.

The majority of Wi-Fi routers in homes and places are of the same category. User can also concentrate on any router and analyze whether or not it is vulnerable to attack.
It includes various pins and also supports famous Zhao or easybox PIN password cracking algorithms. User can use the app to obtain the password after identifying an access network. This is the best method for hacking WIFI without root.

Easy Methods to Hack a WIFI network.


Each device has its own identity. WIFI hacking method works just like devices with a Mac address have their own names. The Mac address of each device is unique. The address admin enables any device to connect to WiFi only with the help of Mac. All other devices cannot be connected. No one can change the Mac address permanently, but can be changed temporarily.

Permitted devices can only connect the network. The WiFi network is visible and it makes possible to connect to the network.

To hack WIFI network hacker need to know the Mac address of the connected device and then change the address of Mac device. Then only, user can connect to the wireless network via the system.

All devices connected to a particular network are automatically found by Kali. Mac address can be changed with Mac changer. Therefore, WI-FI can be hacked easily now.

Window Tutorial:
A windows user manually identifies the permitted device’s Mac address. WIFI hacking by Kali Linux is recommended to run. Either way, user can change Mac once they find their Mac address.

Linux Tutorial:
For hacking, Linux is always preferable. We can perform WIFI hacking using Kali Linux. If, Kali Linux does not run first then install aircrack -ng. Then user can easily hack any WIFI.

Android tutorial:
There are many best wifi hacking mobile app.
A user with Android has to find MAC addresses such as windows. It is mandatory to root user’s phone. It is possible to change Mac via the WiFi MAC changer app after rooting. So, hackers would be able to hack WIFI using mobile app.

Hidden network
As it is clear from this name, no one can see or connect the activated Wifi manually.
Windows OS contains a hidden Internet wireless network that is able to show a hidden network symbol.
User will be asked about the name of the WI-FI network if he tries to connect the network to hack WIFI.

Step by step tutorial to Hack Wi-FI password.

Morally, hiding the Wifi network is not beneficial. If anyone finds any hidden wireless network, then it is only required to guess the name of the wireless network.

Window tutorial:
WIFI hacking tools for windows is simple.
As on Windows, it is easy as WPA security to find a hidden network name.

WPS enabled:
WPS has wirelessly protected setup, but network actually becomes insecure. It is also generally known as WPA-PSK.

There is 8-digit pin, use this pin as user password. The router has the 8 digit PIN, it is must be entered when connected. The router checks separately the first four digits and lasts 4 digits, making crashing by brute force attack very easy.

Linux tutorial: Linux is best for any hacking, as everybody knows. WPA – PSK has to install the pin code in Kali and Backtrack with Aircrack – ng software. So it is easy for WIFI hacking using kali Linux.

Sharp mx-4112n mac os. How to Removing Sharp MX-4112N Software for Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2 Insert the 'Software CD-ROM' into your CD-ROM drive. Double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop and double-click the MacOS folder. Double-click the Installer icon. Select Remove in the Install menu and click the Remove.

Window user:
Install Win Cap or jumpstart in user window [8, 8.1, 10] and can hack WIFI from Windows in no time.

Android tutorial:
The only application that can prevent this is WPS Connect. There are many ways of WIFI hacking software for android.
It available free of charge in the Google Play Shop, but make sure of Android version is at least 5.0 i.e. Lollipop and phone is rooted.

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Many Talented hacking WIFI tools are available to work in free or cheap wireless cracking or open source licenses. In this article we acknowledged about the world best hacking application tools able to access to a wireless network without knowing user password to gain.

Many best tools hack wireless network passwords, but the cracking time for passwords can vary depending on the complexity and length of the password. There are a many wireless password cracking apps, but packet analysis helps to guess the password.

There are many WIFI hacking tools in the world that deal with network connectivity problems.We should not promote and support using WIFI hacking Software. To get an unauthorized access to the wireless network is a cyber crime. Therefore, don’t risk yourself. User must be aware of using WIFI hacking tools.I have tried my best to offer most of the popular wireless hacking tools available.

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