GIFs have a huge contribution to share your emotions with a single click. A lot of peoples appreciate the use of GIFs on various social apps just like emoji. Likewise, it can be used to promote your product on different websites. The auspicious part of GIFs is it consumes space only in kilobytes (Kb), and it is true GIFs is replacing small videos.

Drop to GIF is a free app for Mac OS X which automates the entire animated GIF creation process, all you need to do is toss a movie file into the app and the conversion begins. How to Make Animated GIFs with Live Photos on Your Mac. The Mac’s Photos program has a nifty new-ish way that you can export Live Photos as animated GIFs, so if that’s your thingwell, now you can do that thing. The power lies within Photos’ “File” menu, under Export Export GIF.

Apart from this you can make creative animated GIFs instantly and share with your friends and family. Create memes, shoot videos, take pictures and with the help of multi-editing tools and make funny GIFs in seconds. If you are looking for GIFs creator for Mac, don’t worry I will assist you to select the best application for Mac.

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We can convert a live photo into a gif on iPhone, and Mac as well. But it’s not easy on Mac without GIF Maker Software tools.

Top Best Gifs Makers Mac apps: Pro & Free Gif makers Software in Mac App Store

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#1. GIPHY Capture

GIPHY Capture is one of the leading application on Mac App Store for creating GIFs. The app is very simple, responsive and powerful enough to create GIFs instantly on Mac. Edit precisely and make your art creative with animated captions, themes, frames and much more with the utmost duration of 30seconds. Apart from all these tools, you can preview the size of the file.

#2. GIF Brewery by Gfycat

GIF Brewery’s GIF maker gives a lot of power to the editor and makes their stunning GIFs in their own best way. Resize or crop videos, set frame rate, frame delay, image filters, Color filters and much more you will get from this application. You can add multiple images and make a single GIF to recall your best moments in seconds.

#3. Runecats GIF Maker

Runecats GIF Maker has a user-friendly interface which is helpful for beginners too. Just create a frame and add pictures to it and then click on export and there your GIF is waiting for you. Customize frame rates and loops depending on your frame size. Even though you can edit the GIFs by importing from your device.

#4. CloudApp

If you want a brilliant application for Mac, here you have got one. CloudApp performs various activities like creating annotated screenshots, HD video clips, make GIFs and much more. The easy interface of CloudApp is notable which allows you to create comic GIFs with its creative tools. If you find free version is not sufficient for you, then you can go for premium versions to satisfy your needs efficiently.

#5. Smart GIF Maker

Smart GIF Maker lets you modify GIFs with its incredible new tools. Make GIFs from videos or images by simply dragging them along with customizing frames with paint-feature and duration of GIF. Reverse GIF, for precise editing eraser, is there, with different brushes and color variants create GIF much better and attractive.

#6. GIF Live

GIF Live is incredibly advanced and much easy to use. After you apply animations, you can preview how the GIF will look like before export or surely you can edit. Drag and drop functions enable you to select frames and videos or images quickly. The various features of GIF Live include reverse animations, customizable layouts, frames and retina display support.

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Live photo support on Mac’s FaceTime. And make any Live Photo into Gif on Mac Using This software.

#7. GIF Maker

GIF Maker is very helpful for you to store beautiful moments of your videos. It allows you to select a video clip accurately without degrading the quality of it. If you have any useless part in the video clip, then you can hide by adding amazing frames in GIF. This application also supports iCloud sync to store GIFs on iCloud, and it will cost you $2.99.

Above is a great list for make Gif on Mac in free. Convert images and Video into Gif with extra effects and Text. Read advance features of above apps and keep installed this is best gif makers Mac apps on your Mac running on MacOS High Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite, and Earlier.

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GIF is a lossless compression method for storing images. The most notable feature of the GIF is that it enables simple animation. We all know that a picture says a thousand words, but what about animations? They’re much more accurate, explanatory, and interesting to watch. Now that we have an idea of why exactly do we need GIF images, let’s talk about what’s required to make a GIF image. Photos, iPhone live photos, and videos can all be used for creating a GIF image. A combination of ordinary photos, or a short clip from a video or an iPhone live photo may be used for the generation of a simple and short GIF image.

#1. iSkysoft iTransfer – the best software to convert JPG to GIF images

iTransfer is the best software available for creating animated GIF images. The software is simple yet powerful. It has an amazing collections of features that help customize the generated GIF. iTransfer is a professional software that allows easy and quick conversion between image formats. You can choose any combination of photos, videos, or iPhone live photos and easily convert them to GIFs using iTransfer through the conversion feature. Simply import the files, select the output format and click convert! The converted GIF image can then be edited through the use of the customization features available within the software. Here is a guide on how iSkysoft iTransfer can be used to create animated GIF images from photos and videos:

Step 1. Connect your Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your personal computer. Launch iSkysoft iTransfer on your Mac.

How to make a gif in imovie 2019

Step 2. Convert photos and videos on computer to animated GIF images: On the top panel, click “Toolbox” button and then in the pop-up, select “GIF Maker”. There are 2 options in the next window: Photo to GIF and Video to GIF. Choose the option you need and browse your computer to import the media files and click “Create GIF”.

Convert photos and videos on device to animated GIF images: On the top panel, select 'Photo' or 'Video' and select your favourite to export to computer. Next click 'Toolbox' from iTransfer, choose ‘GIF maker’ option and select your photos (or videos). It will take you to the next screen where you can change the different settings for the GIF image.

There are some other desktop software to make animated GIF images. Some of them are for professionals. Compared with these software below, iSkysoft iTransfer is far more easier to use.:


PhotoScape is an entire image suite that comprises of a GIF animator, photo editor, and image convertor among several other tools. The GIF animator included in the PhotoScape suite is a wonderful tool. It has a clean and simple interface that is easy to understand and easy to use. To create an animated GIF image, you first go to the Animated GIF tab. Once there, you select a few videos or photos and drag them into the central panel. Next, you can customize the GIF image settings. These settings include framerate, resolution, canvas size, alignment, and background color. You may even add transition effects and filters to your GIF image through PhotoScape.

Rating: 4.7/5

  • Freeware – The software is available for free!
  • Stable – No bugs or crashes have been reported.
  • Simple interface – Clean user interface that is easy to navigate through and use.
  • Powerful – packed with a variety of options for customizing photos.
  • Limited package if you compare it with tools such as Photoshop or iTransfer. PhotoScape is specifically only for improving and tuning photos. There are no detailed editing options (such as layers, superimposition) available.
  • The tool can be slow at times (especially with videos).


GifPal is a free online tool for making GIF images. What’s interesting about GifPal though is the variety of features that it offers. It is an advanced tool that allows users to select and customize each image for the GIF separately. The tool allows us to choose from an entire collection effects. It also enables the user to change the brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue of each image. Apart from this, there are options available for adding text, color, and effects to the entire GIF. The user can also control the output GIF quality, size, and watermark (if any).

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Highly advanced tool that allows customization of almost every aspect of the GIF image.
  • The user interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • Available online for free!
  • The user is limited to make a GIF with only 24 images.
  • The conversion process is slow (particularly if you want high quality).


We’re all familiar with Adobe’s popular photo editing tool that goes by the name Photoshop. It is a highly advanced tool that allows users to customize almost every aspect of an image possible. Once thing that is uncommon about Photoshop, however, is its use as a conversion tool. Photoshop can also be used to convert photos (of every format), and videos into GIF images. The process of conversation is somewhat complicated though. It involves a number of steps and adjustments. The depth and detail of editing that Photoshop offers obviously accounts for the complication of the tool. A tutorial is recommended for anyone who wishes to create GIF images using Photoshop. Photoshop is the tool for the professionals that want to make highly customized GIF images.


Rating: 4.3/5 Wdm video drivers for mac.

  • Professional tool that can be used for the generation of detailed, high quality GIF animations.
  • Stable software that is regularly updated and improved.
  • Complicated software that is well-suited for professional graphic designers only.
  • Large software bundle that can consumes quite a lot of memory.


GifApp is a portable open source application that is supported by Sourceforge. It is perhaps the simplest GIF creator of all. It is a standalone program that has been specifically been developed for creating animated GIFs. The interface is simple and adjustable. You can adjust the size and appearance of the interface. Through the use of GifApp you can change the frame delay, dimensions, and output quality of your GIF images. Apart from this, you can add effects, remove images from GIFs, add multiple images/videos at once, and preview the output GIF.

Rating: 4.0/5

  • User friendly interface that is very easy to use.
  • Freeware that is available with source code.
  • Special purpose application for making GIFs.
  • Not as powerful as some other tools available.
  • The installation process is a bit complicated.


This is a GUI application that is excellent for basic GIF operations. Through SSuiteAnimator, you can: add and remove images with relative ease, save images for future use, adjust frame position and frame rate, and you can change dimensions of your output GIF. Even though the GUI is good, it can be quite difficult to use and understand. Therefore, this software is not recommended to novices.

Rating: 3.8/5

  • Performs all the basic operations necessary for creating an animated GIF.
  • Light software that takes up minimal memory.
  • Low quality output.
  • The interface is tricky and takes time to understand.

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