The birth of lottery software programs almost brought hope before it became clear that most of them were phony. But there is good news. The lottery, like any other gambling game, is run on a set of probability and mathematical formulae which can be analyzed and taken advantage of.

Posted by Ion Saliu on September 04, 2000.

In Reply to: Lotto, Lottery, Gambling Software for Macintosh, Mac computers posted by Gordon Tyler on September 03, 2000.

: YOUR systems and lotto software programs sound interesting, but DOS (command prompt) doesn't work on the Macintosh systems. Is there any chance the lottery systems and programs might be or become accessible on Mac?
: gordon tyler.

• I would love to have Macintosh versions of LotWon. I know how much Macintosh (and Amiga) users love their machines. They worship their devices! Unfortunately, I have been unable to fulfill such a dream (no compilers to match my programming style). I don't even dare to suggest you buy a PC as a “secondary” device…

How about the best and most powerful online random lottery combination, number generator? It works on Macintosh computers running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or better. There is a link in the footer of every Web page on my site…

Ion Saliu

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  • Want a program to
    print your play slips ?

    Create usb boot drive for mac high sierra. With LOTTOmania you will gain an amazing ability to generate wheeling systems with a minimum winning guarantee 4/6, 5/6 or even 6/6. You can apply filters to eliminate unpopular sequences and print the entire wheeling system directly on lotto play slips. LOTTOmania can print on almost every lotto play slip in the world! including Powerball MegaMillions Megabucks FL Lotto 649 HOT Lotto

  • Lottery software
    Learn how to Win
    the lottery Today

    Get the #1 forecast and lottery prediction software for picking lotto numbers to play any lotto game. Tips on how to win the Lottery. It works with all lotto-type lotteries that draw 4-8 numbers out of a number pool from 1 - 99. Pick 4, Pick 5,Pick 6 and Pick 7

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  • Try our wheeling
    system generator

    A wheeling system is a powerful strategy that provides an effective, systematic method for playing lotto games. Our lottery software provides minimum combinations for the same win guarantee. This means you can bet the same win guarantee for the least amount of money. LOTTOmania has the ability to import your favorite wheeling systems. You can simply copy and paste a system directly from a webpage or import from a text file. Supported wheels: PICK-4, PICK-5, PICK-6 and PICK-7.

  • Lottery numbers

    LOTTOmania will help you pick winning numbers using frequencies, draw patterns, statistical reports. Build in the Suggested Numbers Wizard uses all analysis tools available in LOTTOmania to pick lotto numbers for you. Click on the image to see video tutorial.

  • Download latest

    You can download and update results for all selected games with just ONE CLICK. No need to enter results by hand !

  • Learn how to Win the lottery

  • Lottery numers picker

  • For Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

    Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bit, Mac & Linux (with Wine)
  • Online Video Tutorials

    Don't waste your time on boring tech books or searching YouTube. Free LOTTOmania video tutorials will teach you how to use the software.
  • Languages

    English, Español, Ελληνικά , Hrvatski, 简体中文, Српска, Română, Slovenski, Français, Deutsch, Icelandic, Italiano, Suomeksi, Svenska, Polski.
Lottery analysis software for mac free
  • 30 days free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Download, install and see for yourself

Features at a glance

  • Print marks directly on play slips

    LOTTOmania - software that is capable of printing a text file of lottery picks onto the blank lottery slips.

  • Play almost any lotto game worldwide

    LOTTOmania supports 200 lotto games aroud the world. Including PowerBall, MegaMillions, 649, HOT Lotto Super Lotto Plus

  • Get help picking numbers to wheel

    Let the software to pick the best numbers to play.

  • Number selection strategy

    One of the best lotto strategy is to use the previous day's winning numbers. The Neighbouring Numbers Strategy uses numbers from 2 last draws.

  • Import Custom Wheels

    LOTTOmania has the ability to import your favorite wheeling systems. You can simply copy and paste a system directly from a webpage or import from a text file.

  • Statistical analyses

    Hit Frequency & Rank Analysis, Active & Passive numbers, Odd - Even , Sum, Common pairs and triples, most overdue number, rank analysis, 10 statistical graphs


LOTTOmania is an advanced software application whose purpose is to help you increase your chances of winning the lottery by generating various numbers using frequencies, draw patterns and statistical reports. It works with all lotto games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions.
When you run the tool for the first time, you are asked to create a list of games that you are going to play. You can filter the results by regions, edit the preset games, and add a new game by specifying the name and highest numbers.
Import custom wheeling systems:
LOTTOmania allows you to add your favorite wheeling systems by copying and pasting data directly from a webpage or importing info from a plain text file. The utility supports the PICK-4, PICK-5, PICK-6 and PICK-7 wheels.
Furthermore, the application lets you make use of a built-in wheeling system generator where you can select the preferred numbers. You can print numbers directly on lotto play cards, delete some of the numbers, import data from plain text files, or manually input the desired numbers.
Suggest winning numbers:
LOTTOmania is able to generate possible winning numbers using a wizard-like approach where you are offered step-by-step guidance throughout the entire configuration process. You can specify the minimum win guarantee, select the pool of the most popular patterns, pick the number strategy, filter combination for consecutive numbers, and save the results to plain text files.
The tool also comes packed with a neighbouring number strategy where you can perform various simulations and check out graphs/pie charts.What’s more, you can analyze diagrams with hit frequencies, graphs with active/numbers, histogram for odd and even numbers, overdue histogram, and draw summary. You may check out how many time all the numbers hit in the selected time period, perform searches by numbers in the database, and download results.
An overall efficient lottery app:
All in all, LOTTOmania implements various analysis tools for helping you pick lotto numbers. The intuitive feature package makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

Supported lotteries