Insert a table on your PowerPoint slide andthen populate the table with content -- and, what comes next? Probably you need to add or remove rows and columns.Also, the table cells can be made larger or smaller without influencing the entire row or column -- and that's something thatcan be easily achieved by merging or splitting cells in your existing table. This is essentially true for tables that have twoheader rows, or even with tables that have a long phrase in the header row, as shown within the sample table shown towards thetop in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Some tables need to have merged or split cells


The header content, Weather in C and Weather in F both span two lines each whereas thedata below does not really need that much space. So merging these two header cells and then modifying the text within the mergedcell makes this table use space much more efficiently, as shown within the table that's placed at the bottom ofFigure 1, above.

This can be achieved using PowerPoint's Merge Cells and SplitCellsbuttons (highlighted in blue within Figure 2) that you can find within Table Tools Layout contextual tab of the Ribbonas shown highlighted in red, within Figure 2, below.

You can merge and center data horizontally or vertically across multiple cells in Excel 2007. You also can unmerge or split a merged cell into its original, individual cells. A common use of merge and center in Excel 2007 is to horizontally center a worksheet title over a table. You can only split a cell. To split cells in Excel, just select the merged cell, click the dropdown arrow next to Merge. Numbers '09, version 2.0.3 (332) Similar Messages. Feature in Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as so many wanted in iWork '08?

Figure 2: Merge Cells and Split Cells buttons for the table

Use these two buttons to merge and split table cells as required. Note that you may find the Mergebutton greyed out if you have selected a single cell within the table. To explore more about Merge Cells andSplit Cells buttons, explore the sections below:

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Merge Table Cells

Let us start with merging cells in a table:

  1. Select at least two (or more) table cells and access the Table Tools Layout contextual tab of theRibbon as shown highlighted inred, within Figure 3. Now click the Merge Cells button that youcan see highlighted in blue within Figure 3.
    Figure 3: Table cells selected for merging
  2. This will merge the selected table cells into a single cell. In Figure 4 you can see that the two cellsselected earlier are now merged into a single cell (highlighted in red).
    Figure 4: Selected table cells merged into a single cell
  3. Similarly you can select multiple rows and columns in a table and merge them into a single cell.

Split Table Cells

Unlike in Excel where you can only split cells that were previously merged, PowerPoint has no such limitations. However, youreally do not want to split a cell unless you have a compelling reason to do so. In our case, we are assuming that we mergedsome cells by error, and now want to split them so that we can get back the structure of our original table. Follow these stepsto split a selected cell into multiple rows and columns in a table:

  1. Select the table cell that you want to split -- in Figure 5 you can see that the last cell within the firstrow is selected. Then, click the Split Cells button (highlighted in blue withinFigure 5) within the Table Tools Layout contextual tab (highlighted in red) of the Ribbon.
    Figure 5: Table cell selected for splitting
  2. This brings up the Split Cells dialog box as shown in Figure 6. In this dialog box, enterthe number of columns and rows that you want the selected cell to be split into. Then click the OK button.
    Figure 6: Split Cells dialog box
  3. This will split the selected table cell as shown in Figure 7 (highlighted inred).
    Figure 7: Selected cell split into specified number of rows and columns
  4. You may want to modify the text in the split cells.
  5. Remember to save your presentation often.

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