To apply a theme in Excel go to Page Layout, locate the Themes group and click on the Themes command. A drop-down menu will appear offering you different preformatted themes for you to choose.

Applying a Theme to All Slides in a Presentation
Applying a Theme to Selected Slides in a Presentation
Applying Themes in Microsoft Word and Excel


Applying a Theme to All Slides in a Presentation

You have already seen how to apply Themes in different applicationsof Office 2008 for Mac. Now let us see how to repeat thesame process in Office 2011. Here also you will find plenty of built-in Themes which you can choose from. These Themes can be foundunder Themes tab of the Ribbon, shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Office Themes

Follow these steps to apply a new Theme to a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Open an existing presentation, or create a new one in PowerPoint 2011.
  2. Now access the Themes tab ofthe Ribbon. As you can see in Figure 1,there are thumbnail previews of several Themes available within the Themes gallery. To view the drop-down Themesgallery, hover the cursor over the Theme thumbnail previews and you'll be able to see a down-arrow button (highlightedin red in Figure 2). Click on this button and the Themes gallery appears in drop-downmode (refer again to Figure 2).

  3. Figure 2: Themes gallery in drop-down mode
  4. In this gallery, the Theme that the existing presentation is based upon is visible under the top section namedThis Presentation (refer to Figure 2 above). You can also see a collection of many other built-inThemes. To view more previews, use the scroll bar on the right side of the gallery. Once you find the Theme that you want to apply,just click on its thumbnail and the Theme gets applied to the entire presentation.
Tip: You can also apply any PowerPoint presentation or template as a Theme, even if it doesn't show up within theTheme gallery. To do that, click the Browse Themes option that you will find at the bottom of the drop-down Themesgallery (refer to Figure 2 above), and navigate to wherever the given presentation, template, or Theme is located.Then click the Apply button.

Applying a Theme to Selected Slides in a Presentation

Follow these steps to apply a Theme to selected slides in a presentation:

  1. Open an existing presentation, or create a new one in PowerPoint 2011.
  2. Select the slides in Slide Sorterview (or in the Slides Pane on the left sideof the interface) that you want to apply a new Theme to.
  3. With these slides selected, access the Themes tab of the Ribbon. Choose any Themewithin the Themes gallery and right click on its thumbnail. In the context menu that appears, click on Applyto Selected Slides option, as shown in Figure 3.

  4. Figure 3: Apply Selected Slides option
  5. This will apply the selected Theme only to the selected slides as shown in Figure 4. Instead ofbringing up the context menu you can also simply click on the thumbnail to apply that Theme to all of the selected slides.

  6. Figure 4: Theme applied to the selected slides

Applying Themes in Microsoft Word and Excel

The same Themes that you apply in PowerPoint can also be applied in Word and Excel. In both of these programs, the way of accessingThemes gallery is different from that of PowerPoint.

Follow these steps to apply a new Theme to a Word document or an Excel workbook in 2011 for Mac:

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  1. Open an existing Word document or Excel spreadsheet, or create a new one.
  2. Access the Home tab of the Ribbon, and locate the Themes group on theextreme right, as shown in Figure 5.

  3. Figure 5: Themes group in Excel 2011
  4. The Themes group looks a little different for Word 2011, as shown in Figure 6.

  5. Figure 6: Themes group in Word 2011
  6. Now click on the Themes icon (highlighted in redin Figure 5 above for Excel) to reveal the drop-down Themes gallery, as shown in Figure 7.

  7. Figure 7: Themes gallery in drop-down mode
  8. As you can see above in Figure 7, Office is the default Theme for new documents andworkbook (note the highlight surrounding the active Theme). In this gallery, click on the thumbnail of any other Theme to apply it tothe open document or workbook. If you want to view more Themes, use up and down arrows within the bottom area of thescrollbar (highlighted in red in Figure 7 above).

Change Only Colors and Fonts?

When you apply a Theme in PowerPoint, you add a set of coordinated backdrops, layouts, fonts, effects, colors, etc. Let's justsay you want to change just the colors and fonts, and retain everything else in your presentation. Can you do that? Sure you can!We'll show you how to do that in our ApplyingTheme Colors and Theme Fonts in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac tutorial.