Micro Niche Finder uses Internet Explorer as its rendering engine. Unfortunately, we have discovered compatibility problems with the new Internet Explorer 8 Betas. We cannot provide additional support for IE8 Betas. If you are running IE8, the only solution is to uninstall the IE8 Beta and revert to Internet Explorer 7. On Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. Micro Niche Finder 5.0 is a keyword discovery tool used by webmasters to determine which keywords to target.

What is Micro Niche Finder?

Micro Niche Finder is a keyword research software tool that will help you easily find niche markets that are currently untapped. By using Micro Niche Finder, you can find profitable niches with low competition. With the information you find using Micro Niche Finder, you can:

-Register profitable domain names
-Create high earning AdSense content
-Launch affiliate marketing campaigns
-Build high converting Squidoo lenses

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Here’s what Micro Niche Finder will look like when it’s running on your computer:

What Separates Micro Niche Finder from Other Keyword Research Tools?

Micro Niche Finder has two significant features that set it apart from other keyword research tools:

Strength of Competition (SoC) – By using the color green, red or yellow, this feature tells you whether it will be easy for you to rank for a keyword, challenging but still possible, or virtually impossible to rank for it.

Bazille keygen for mac. Here’s a screenshot that shows the three different colors for a variety of phrases:

Online Commercial Intention (OCI) – This feature will help you decide whether or not a keyword phrase will be profitable. By combining the OCI and SoC, you will be able to find keywords you can easily rank for, and will be profitable when you rank for them.

Additionally, Micro Niche Finder also offers the following useful features:

Archiving: Makes it easy to stay organized by allowing you to save your previous search files, as well as download them in spreadsheet form.

Geo-Targeting: If you are trying to enter a local niche, you can drill down your results by geographic location.

In-Depth Research: Micro Niche Finder allows you to dive deep into search areas, which is extremely useful when you are trying to find untapped long-tail keywords.

The following video shows Micro Niche Finder in action:

What is Micro Niche Finder Compatible With?

Micro Niche Finder is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you want to use Micro Niche Finder on a Mac, you will need to run it with PC Emulation software like VMware or Parallels.

What Bonuses Come with Micro Niche Finder?

When you purchase Micro Niche Finder, you will receive the following free bonuses:

Micro Niche Finder ToGo – Micro Niche Finder ToGo is a mini 64MB USB drive that contains all of the files needed to install Micro Niche Finder. With Micro Niche Finder ToGo, you can easily switch your license from one computer to another. This allows you to purchase Micro Niche Finder once, and then use it anywhere you want.

The Newbie Workbook – Covers a wide variety of topics for people who are new to Internet marketing.

Squidoo Advantage – Explains how to use Squidoo to rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

AdSense Page Generator – Allows you to create a niche article page with AdSense ads by simply copying and pasting.

Fast PLR Profits – Explains how to create PLR content, and then make as much money as possible with it.

Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide – Explains how to use Yahoo Answers to drive more traffic to your websites.

How Much Does Micro Niche Finder Cost?

Micro Niche Finder normally costs $199.99. However, it’s currently being offered for just $99.99. When you purchase Micro Niche Finder for just $99.99, you will also receive the six bonuses discussed above.

Your Micro Niche Finder purchase is protected by an eight week, 100% money-back guarantee.

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