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Stanford Campus

Parking & Circulation

Marguerite Shuttle

On CalTrain

The Marguerite Shuttle Line X and Line Y offer frequent service between the Palo Alto Transit Center and the School of Medicine. Connections with Caltrain, VTA, SamTrans, and the Dumbarton Express can be made at the Palo Alto Transit Center. Line MC Limited, Line N, Line O, Line P, and Line SE offer limited service. Line V serves the California Avenue Caltrain station weekday mornings and evenings.

Campus shuttle

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Marguerite is Stanford’s free public shuttle service, which travels around campus and connects to nearby transit, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Use iStanford to find your way around campus on the map and much more.

The School of Medicine is a tobacco-free zone with no smoking allowed anywhere on campus. More

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