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If you're a (very) longtime Mac user, you might recall tinkering with the. By the creator as “a software erector set, which lets non-programmers put. PS, just saw the ad for SuperCard – I'm really just after a nostalgia trip and to. LibreOffice contains a database application, Base. There are several available Address Book templates, which you could modify. (I note that.

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What is SuperCard 1.x?

SuperCard is a HyperCard-like software development kit, with more features. For instance, it came already with color (HyperCard did not) and it had a full GUI toolkit. SuperCard has another major improvement over HyperCard: it can make applications out of its card stacks so that they become standalone and thus can be run without SuperCard on other computers.

SuperCard uses its own scripting (programming) language called SuperTalk, somewhat similar to what HyperCard was using (HyperTalk).

SuperCard_1.6.1.sit(1.97 MiB / 2.07 MB)
SuperCard v1.6.1 / compressed w/ Stuffit
73 / 2016-03-26 / 9d38df0baa120bda1a2352ea73fabfe451c32d56 / /


Motorola 68K

Architecture: 68K

System 6 - Mac OS 9.2.2

At least 500KB of free RAM

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

I've played with LiveCode and have to admit that it still seems a lot more complex than HC/SC. Maybe I'm biased or nostalgic because HC had a really profound influence on how I develop software. I was ready to give up on programming the Apple Mac (possibly on programming altogether, and I thought that I was a good programmer) when along came HC.

The challenge for LiveCode is that in the intervening years, of course the complexity of the system has gone through the roof. I think HC represented a conscious choice to limit its own feature set in order to make it presentable to novices, which opened it up to criticism from commercial programmers who thought it was a toy.

I honestly don't know how to create a tool that satisfies the pro's without blowing away beginners and hobbyists. Possibly the magic of Python is that the basic package simply doesn't come with any advanced features (they are installed as packages), allowing for an uncluttered learning environment.

Oh, I didn't know that they went open source. That's cool.