Trove FAQ

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Q1. What is the Trove Windows genre?
A1. The game is referred to a voxel sandbox online role-playing genre. It was published by Trion Worlds in 2015.

Q2. Can I Trove download for Xbox One?
A2. Yes, the version for Xbox One was released in December 2016. It is still in Open Beta.


Q3. Where can I find Trove free download version?
A3. You can download Trove from Microsoft Store. It is completely free of charge.

Q4. How can I play Trove game online?
A4. What is mt4 trading platform. The game is online role-playing. So, to play online, you just need to download and sign in.

Q5. I there any Trove demo version?
A5. No. You can play the game for free.

Q6. What are the minimum architecture requirements for Xbox to download Trove full game?
A6. The minimum and recommended architecture requirements for Xbox is x64.

Q7. Can I download Trove unblocked version from the official resources?
A7. Yes, you can find the game on the Microsoft Store.


Q8. I found Trove torrent version. What is the difference between it and the official version?
A8. Torrent games are illegal and dangerous. We do not recommend you to download it.

Q9. Is Trove PS4 free to play?
A9. Yes. Trove is completely free of charge for all platforms, including PS4.

Q10. Does it mean that Trove price includes all unlocked levels?
A10. Yes. You can download Trove from the official sources and all gameplay will be unlocked.

Q11. Does any Trove pre-order for the upcoming releases exist?
A11. For now, as the developers mention, they do not plan to release pre-orders.

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Q12. What is Trove gameplay about?
A12. In Trove, you will assume the role of one of the multiple classes existing in the fictional world. Each class has different play styles and opportunities. Players can access Portals. They are special points to different in-game worlds. Pass the levels, unlock new features and collect useful items to win the game!

Q13. Where can I find Trove cheats?
A13. We do not recommend you to browse dishonest ways to pass the game. Much more interesting to go through the game yourself.

Q14. What are the Trove mods?
A14. Trove is a multiplayer game. So you can play it with your friends or family members.

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