X2Go enables you to access a graphical desktop of a computer over network. It is a remote desktop solution for Linux. In this article we will use x2go to connect to remove Ubuntu Linux on Amazon EC2 from local macbook.

Install x2go server

Run the following command to install x2go server on Ubuntu Linux.

Install x2go client

X2go Client Mac X2go Client Installation And Connection

The x2goclient package will install x2goclient on your GNU/Linux system and will make sure, that every needed package will be installed as dependency. Aptitude install x2goclient. You can now start X2Go Client by typing x2goclient at the command-line or you'll find it inside the “Internet” section of your menu inside your graphical desktop environment. X2Go will connect, at this point, you can click on the CD icon in the center of the client, underneath Status, and choose an application to launch. When finished, use the Suspend or Terminate icons near the application launcher.

Adding vcard to signatures outlook 2016 for mac. Download and install x2go client for mac from x2go download page. In case you are using windows, you can down window’s package.

Install desktop manager on server

Run the following command to install kubuntu-desktop on Ubuntu

Running x2go

Run x2go client and create a new session with the machine you want to connect to and relevant user and key to access the machine as shown below:

Note that x2go uses ssh authentication itself. There is no other separate user management required for using x2go.

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